SURGE Festival 2010

19th-25th July 2010, Glasgow, Scotland

Conflux Maximus

23rd July 2010, Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland's SURGE Festival is a yearly event which involves the creation and promotion of street arts, physical theatre, and circus on the streets of Glasgow. It is organised by the SURGE group.

2010 was the festival's first year and involved the participation of Kildare Youth Theatre, who - alongside Mischief La Bas - devised a piece called Conflux Maximus

For the 2010 SURGE Festival, Kildare Youth Theatre members devised at home a new play called Conflux Maximus

Translated as the 'Greatest Confluence', the Roman-inspired Conflux Maximus involved charging down Glasgow's Buchanan Street with a crowd of about 60 people, as they rallied members of the public to join their march. This march culminated in a massive gathering at the Arches for a final 'gladiatorial showdown'.

The aim of Conflux Maximus and the SURGE Festival as a whole, was to shock and surprise Glaswegians by having these high-energy, spontaneous performances in the middle of the city.

Conflux Maximus was devised and performed by Sophia Ellis, Amy Quille, Molly Kiely, Eliza Kelly, Sarah Montunato, Anthony Davidson, Mary McDermott, and Thomas Hugh. It was directed by Peter Hussey.