Theatre Uncut Festival 2011

15th-16th November 2011, Liffey Studio

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The Theatre Uncut Festival is a global theatre festival which involves performances of new or devised plays based on the theme of that specific year. 

In 2011, Kildare Youth Theatre was the only Irish theatre company to partake in the festival. The 2011 theme was human fragility and how easily we can breakdown

To mark the festival, Kildare Youth Theatre  performed a selection of new short plays, with small casts, which touch on the above theme. They were A Bigger Banner by Mark Ravenhill, HI Vis by Clare Brennan, Oh To Be In Tunisia by Claire Kirkwood, Things That Make No Sense by Dennis Kelly, and Whiff Whaff by Jack Thorne. 

These plays were specially written and performed for the 2011 season. We performed them in the Liffey Studio to small audiences. 

National Festival Of Youth Theatre 2011

15th-17th July 2011, Glenrothes Hall, Fife, Scotland

Read more about Nuts on our 2010 archive.

The National Festival of Youth Theatre Scotland (NFYT), is a yearly youth theatre festival which groups theatres from across Europe and even the USA, to work, devise, and perform alongside one another in Scotland.

Kildare Youth Theatre has participated in the Festival every year since its inception. Every year, participants camp at a local private campsite in Fife, where different theatre companies befriend each other and mingle over shared meals and evening events. 

During the day, participants travel to Glenrothes Hall, a shopping centre with a fully fledged theatre space. Workshops take place in empty shop premises across the centre, with workshop themes - lead by the facilitators from the participating companies -  varying from Clowning to Stage Combat and everything in between.

Each night, a different theatre company performs a play specially devised (back home) for the Festival. For the 2011 season, an updated version of our 2010 production Nuts, - written by Fausto Paravidino - with some new cast members, was brought to Scotland.

Globalfest 2011

8th-13th July 2011, Mayfield Arts Centre, Newbury House, Cork City, Co.Cork

Globalfest was a yearly organised theatre festival set in Cork City. The week-long festival involved approximately 100 young people making art and performances which culminated in a public performance at Bishop Lucey Park in Cork city centre on 13th July. 

GLOBALFEST 2011 Youth Arts Festival brought together a range of events and projects by and for young people. It included a series of creative workshops, a seminar, interactive activities, gigs, exhibitions and a main event which took place on July 13th. The festival created a space for creative expression and development of creative skills and personal skills. The 2011 theme was 'Belong'. 

Kildare Youth Theatre brought 10 participants to Cork in 2011. All expenses for the trip were covered by the festival, minus the train down.

View images, videos, and more information on the 2011 Globalfest Facebook Page.

Smelly Ellie 

Throughout June 2010, Local Co.Kildare Primary Schools

Kildare Youth Theatre strives to appeal to audiences of all types, including young. Since its inception, Kildare Youth Theatre has produced a number of plays for younger audiences, such as Spellbound (2001), The Snow Queen (2007) and The Licorice Witch (2008).

Following this trend, a small group of Kildare Youth Theatre actors devised and performed Smelly Ellie

A comical play with a heartfelt message embedded in, Smelly Ellie is a play about being different, and further being proud of being different, through the lens of gender. It also featured some musical numbers.

Smelly Ellie was performed in primary schools in Newbridge as well as further afield throughout County Kildare during May and June 2010. 

It featured Thomas O’ Driscoll, Rhianne Fahey, Jack Tinsley, Eliza Kelly, Amy Quille and Emmet Faherty, and was directed by Peter Hussey and Mary Linehan.