Erasmus+ - Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth
Spain, Austria and Ireland
(1/10/2018 - 30/9/2020)

"Drama for Youth Work" is an innovative Strategic Partnership project funded by Erasmus+ with On&Off Theatre from Spain, Crooked House Theatre Company from Ireland and BiondekBühne from Austria.

We will work togther for over 2 years to create 45 short films. These films will demonstrate how to use drama techniques with a range of groups, to produce a comprehensive handbook that describes how to integrate drama techniques with group work on socially inclusive themes.


The project aims to tailor the films and handbook to meet the needs of youth workers by arranging the material into searchable categories:

a) Working with specific target groups (e.g. Migrants, LGBTQI+)

b) Working with specific social inclusion themes (e.g. gender equality, anti- racism, xenophobia, etc.)

c) Working with specific stages of group development (e.g. Bonding Games, Development Activities, Focusing exercises, etc.)

d) Working generally in the field of social inclusion with young people (conflict resolution, developing critical thinking, exploring power, etc.)

All these materials will be available freely as an Open Educational Resource on our website  www.dramaforyouthwork.eu 

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Here are some images taken in an early stage of the project, featuring KYT in Logroño.