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Crooked House Secures Funding for New Project: Dréimire

View the main Dréimire page here.

Kildare Youth Theatre, under Crooked House Theatre Company, has successfully secured funding for a new training initiative.

Dréimire, the Irish word for 'ladder', helps address many of the difficulties encountered by young Irish people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic and diverse communities, and under-represented social groups, in accessing affordable performance training at FE and third level.

Auditioning for third level acting college is an arduous, expensive, and very time consuming process. Potential candidates often have to fly to London and find accommodation up to five separate nights per university audition. Preparing for auditions is a vary intense and committed affair, and only a tiny percentage of those who audition receive a place.

Therefore pursuing third-level acting courses is challenging for any individual, however it becomes almost impossible for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities.

The Dréimire Project will offer intensive support to 20 young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, from ethnic minorities, diverse and immigrant backgrounds, to audition for performance courses at third level and further education in Ireland and in the UK.

Running from December 2020 to November 2021, Dréimire is a multi-linear and hands-on education and support programme. Funding is provided by the Arts Council of Ireland;


If you match the requirements of this project and are interested, please fill out the Google Form below:

Please note: it is highly recommended you read the Project PDF before applying.


For more information on Dréimire, visit our Dréimire Projects Page.



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