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 Proposed Cultural Centre for Young People

Updated 10/09/20


See below the Feasibility Study researching the need for a cultural centre for young people, to be based in Newbridge, County Kildare.


It contains research from interviews and consultations with young people from the county, youth workers and organisations working with young people, and state agencies with arts and youth remits.


Feasibility Study on Provision of Youth Cultural Centre in Newbridge

Crooked House has received funding from County Kildare Leader Partnership to conduct a research study in Newbridge, assessing the need and potential for a centre for young people. This centre would be a place where young people can make theatre, music, film and art, and also where they can learn, be creative, and start small enterprises. It would be a multi-purpose centre, ideally shared by a number of organisations who work directly with young people.

It will aim to have an alcohol-free nightclub, a band rehearsal and gig space, and rooms for workshops, meetings, and art spaces.

We have engaged a team of top-level researchers called Communiqué International to conduct the feasibility study. They have interviewed young people in the area to find out what young people would like. Communiqué Intl will also communicate with statuary and other agencies (such as Kildare County Council, KWETB, etc) to see if we can get public support for this project. They will assess properties around the town as sites for this potential centre.

In October and November 2018 they met with two groups of young people aged 14-17 and 18-30 years old (see our photos below) in Kildare Youth Theatre and received lots of ideas and feedback. 

Have Something To Say? 


Any ideas or suggestions are warmly welcomed via email to newbridgecentre4youngpeople[at]gmail[dot]com.

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