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Our Team

Peter Hussey

Artistic Director

Peter founded Crooked House Theatre Company in 1993, and Kildare Youth Theatre in 1996. He is a writer, director and actor trainer. He lectures in Applied Theatre, in Theatre of the Oppressed, and in Directing for Maynooth University. In 2017 he was appointed Artist in Residence, an Arts Council funded position, with the Departments of Education and Froebel in the university. He is an arts consultant, and a trainer in education and youth arts, having worked in Ireland and abroad for over 20 years.


Peter has developed and delivered training programmes in theatre-based methods of development to a wide range of organisations and groups, and is responsible for the country’s first undergraduate programme in Directing for Theatre at Maynooth. He was producer of the annual Connections Festival in Ireland for the National Theatre in London, and is founder of the annual Human Rights Youth Theatre Festival held every year in Newbridge from 2003 to 2009. He is a board member of Youth Theatre Ireland.


Directing credits include the Irish premieres of work by over 20 internationally acclaimed writers, including plays by Mark Ravenhill, Jon Fosse, Laura Wade, Anthony Neilson and Kevin Elyot. He has created site-specific performances for international festivals and events, and has directed a number of world premieres in Ireland. His recent work has been developing projects of work with communities in Kildare and in Dublin that use theatre to generate positive mental health processes, especially with the 17 to 37 age group.


He is a PhD student with Maynooth university, examining the impact on young people of engaging in collaborative theatre-making.

Peter can be contacted by email at: info [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

Oğuzhan Şahin

Assistant Director

Oğuzhan was a European Solidarty Corps volunteer in 2020 - 2021 who applied to volunteer with us for another year. He is from Turkey. He is an Actor and has studied Acting/Theatre, and also was a Speech/Diction teacher in Turkey. 

He originally lived in Istanbul, working in Children's Theatre. During his studies, he participated in a number of plays including William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie, Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid, Arthur Miller's Death Of a Salesman and Dario Fo's Japanese Puppet.

In 2021 he played Shylock in Kildare Youth Theatre’s production of The Merchant of Venice. He facilitates free drama workshops for the local secondary schools, as well as our Touchstone and Caliban workshops.

Oğuzhan can be contacted at oguzhan [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

Cansu Esra Genç

Administrator & Creative Assistant

Cansu initially joined Crooked House as one of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers from Turkey., for the 2021-2022 season. She has a degree in Law. In addition to her law degree she has taken an active role in theatre clubs during and after her college years, worked as an actor, assistant director and she has organized various drama workshops during these periods


While continuing to work as an Attorney in Turkey, she came across Kildare Youth Theatre through the European Solidarity Corps programme and applied to our project to work and improve herself in the field she truly loves and is passionate about.

Since joining Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House, Cansu has lead a large number of our workshops, as well as helped with directing some of our 2021-22 productions. Cansu continues this line of work with us, but has also now taken a role in our general adminsitration, helping with logistics, membership and so forth.


She can be contacted through via email at cansu [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

Alec Delaney

Videographer & Editor

Alec is an Irish Editor & VFX artist from County Kildare, Ireland. Ever since he was a child he had a passion for film making. At the age of fifteen he built his first computer and started shooting and editing short movies with friends. After secondary school he studied cinematography at Ballyfermot College of Further Education. He then graduated from Film and Television Production in Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology with a major in editing & minor in cinematography. He tries to make as many films as he can. He works with what he loves, and he loves his work.

Alec is our dedicated videographer and editor and is to be credited for most of our recent play recordings and edited trailers. Much of his work for Crooked House and Kildare Youth Theatre can be viewed on our YouTube page.

Cormac Dowdall

Sound Recordist & Editor

Cormac Dowdall is a sound engineer, composer, and sound designer from Kildare. He came to work with sound the same way many do - learning an instrument and writing songs with friends. He’s primarily interested in creating sound for stage and film, as well as dabbling in sound art, installations, and field recording. 

Cormac holds a BA in History from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Experimental Sound Practice from UCC, and a certificate in Audio Post-Production and Sound Design from Pulse College Dublin.

Since around 2019, Cormac has collaborated with Kildare Youth Theatre, providing sound for most of the theatre’s video-based work - working with our chief videographers Alec Delaney and Doug Morrison. In addition, he provides some sound design and music for performances. Cormac was in charge of the soundtrack for our recent Senior Ensemble production Queen's County - which featured some of his own music. He has also worked in projects abroad recording sound with us and our partners, most recently in Austria as part of the Digital Drama Workshops project.

Charlie Hughes-Farrell

Digital Media Manager

Charlie has been with Kildare Youth Theatre since he was 11, participating in our junior programme, Crooked Mice. He has been involved in a host of Kildare Youth Theatre plays, most noticeably the 2015 Connections play Hospital Food which was selected to be performed on the Dorfman Stage in the National Theatre of London that summer. Charlie has traveled across Europe with Kildare Youth Theatre, participating in international festivals in countries such as Greece, France and Spain. He was most recently involved in our Act of Oblivion series with our Senior Ensemble

Charlie is in charge of our social media and websites. So, should you have any suggestions, questions or complaints regarding the website or any of our digital content, he can be contacted at: charlie [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

European Soldarity Corps Volunteers
Each year we take roughly 10 volunteers from around the continent as part of the EU's European Solidarity Corps programme. These volunteers, normally young theatre makers, facilitators and artists, engage with and help to run our workshops, productions, projects and so forth. They stay with us for up to a year and bring a fresh perspective to the work we do and to our members. Read more about our ESC programme here.

Ludovica Brocchi

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Ludovica Brocchi is a curious and enthusiastic 25 year old from Pisa, Italy. She has always been interested in what being human means and in the vision that all art can emerge from human life. With this perspective, her theatre skills come from attending drama workshops for young people in her city for 14 years. She has also participated in the intensive acting international workshop for "Prima del Teatro" -- European School of the Art of the Actor in the summer of 2015.

Since then, she has graduated in Philosophy and, later, she got a Master's Degree in philosophical science with a thesis in Performative Anthropology at the University of Padova.

Ludovica is in Ireland as part of our European Solidarity Corps  prgramme, and she is excited to grow as an educator and as a workshop acting facilitator for the youth theatre.

All of our volunteers, including Ludovica can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Dario Rapiti

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Dario Rapiti, 22 years old is from Rome, Italy.

Dario has studied Statistics and Economics as well as acting. He graduated a few months before coming to Ireland as one of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers. In the last few years, Dario has had many experiences in the fields of youth activism and youth representation. He is interested in youth work, informal education, and in European projects and opportunities.

Dario describes himself as curious and easygoing and will be co-facilitating some of our workshops and participating in plays.

All of our volunteers, including Dario can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Adam Abu Rok

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Adam Abu Rok is from Gaza, Palestine. He has a degree in Project Management, Project Coordination and Facilitation. He leads a team of youth volunteers in Gaza, where they work through drama and theater to address the effects of war on the mental health of young people and children. He is also a climate activist. 

Adam applied to join us through the European Union's European Solidarity Corps programme. He has been very excited to join us from the moment he first got in touch. He is looking forward to a rich experience where he will get to go deeper into the world of drama and theater, and where he will work closely with the youth and volunteers in the Kildare Youth Theatre family. He hopes to share this experience with the youth in Palestine after the end of the project period.

Adam's volunteering will be around theater management, facilitation, creating workshops and participating in plays throughout the 2021-22 season. 

All of our volunteers, including Adam can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Polina Smirnova

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Polina was born in a small Russian town, where she for the first time fell in love with acting and music. She then moved to Saint Petersburg to study political science but also became a member of her university student theatre. She was an actress for four years, performing in many plays. Moreover, for the last two years she was chosen to be the director of the theatre and the head of that studio. There she worked with young people aged 18-22, who were interested in theatre.

She also works online as an English language tutor, helping Russian kids and teenagers improve their skills in English.

This year Polina will be volunteering as a facilitator and an actress in the Kildare Youth Theatre.

All of our volunteers, including Polina can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Ola Al Mamlouk

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Ola Al Mamlouk is a passionate, curious 26 year old from Damascus, Syria. She believes in art and its impact, and her greatest concern is human beings and humanity.

Since 2016 she has been engaging herself in social activities, many Initiatives and projects with NGOs including those of all ages. She also managed to create an interactive theatre team that makes plays to discuss many social manners. Ola is also engaged in many art and film projects as an assistant director, and she has participated in many training and workshops in areas such as the film industry, script writing, editing, acting.

During the months she will spend with us, Ola will be helping in facilitating drama workshops and with producing some of our film content. She is really excited to explore more cultures, work and share her experience with Irish people and people from different backgrounds.

All of our volunteers, including Ola can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Esperanza Berrocal

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Esperanza is a 23 year old actress from Spain. She graduated from the School of Dramatic Art in Sevilla (E.S.A.D) and has done acting workshops both in Sevilla and in Madrid aswell as in many different theatre plays.  Esperanza has also worked for more than 5 years with kids aged 4-15 as a teacher in many fields (drama, English, and tennis coaching). She has also done a few dancing workshops, as it's one of her hobbies.

She discovered Kildare Youth Theatre during her last year of university thanks to the Erasmus+ programme and since she's always loved to travel and to discover new cultures she wanted to be a part of this project.

All of our volunteers, including Esperanza can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Carmen Ortiz Victorino

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Carmen Ortiz Victorino was born in Seville, Spain. At the age of thirteen she became interested in acting when she was offered to take classes in a theater workshop. In this Company she discovered that it was possible to have a regulated training in Dramatic Art, so she was quick to study at the E.S.A.D. of Seville. 

At the same time, Carmen dedicates herself to writing plays and directs several shows at her school. As part of her studies offered by the school, she decided to begin at the same time her training in acting in front of the camera at the Laboratorio de Interpretación de Sebastián Haro. Simultaneously, Carmen made several short films and a medium-length film for the E.U.S.A., where she gained experience acting in film shoots.

Carmen will be using these skills during her time at Kildare Youth Theatre as part of our 2022-23 season of volunteers.

All of our volunteers, including Carmen can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Pavel Mikhailov

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Pavel Mikhailov is our ESC volunteer from Moscow, Russia. He is 24 years old, and has recently obtained a master’s degree in Linguistics and his field of studies is language policy within multicultural societies. His Bachelor’s Degree is also linguistics, but it is mostly connected with the theory and technology of teaching foreign languages and cultures that gives him a capability of working with children of all ages.

Besides studying, Pavel has always been interested in acting and theater-making. In his childhood he studied at the theatre school where he was taught acting, oratory and directing skills. He also had a great chance of participating in different plays and theatre workshops.

One of Pavel's dreams is to successfully integrate theatre techniques into the teaching of languages and cultures in an educational environment. 

Like all of our volunteers, Pavel can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie. 

Bilal Paşayev

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Bilal, 21 years old is from Baku, Azerbaijan. He got his first degree in Petroleum Engineering at French-Azerbaijani University. Throughout his senior year, he participated in short-term theater programs and workshops where he took up acting and contemporary dance classes and was involved in several independent local theaters. He graduated a few months before coming to Ireland as one of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers. 

Bilal has participated in several contemporary plays and collaborated with different local artists on various projects. He was invited to France to present his original mono performance to the French public at the Emergence Festival in the summer of 2022. Bilal aspires to be a professional actor and is aiming to receive academic education as an actor.

Like all of our volunteers, Bilal can be contacted at volunteers [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

ESC Trainers

Anna Galligan

Anna Galligan

Drama Facilitation Trainer

Anna Galligan has been a professional arts worker for over 30 years. She has worked as an actor, drama facilitator, theatre maker, and trainer. She has designed and delivered numerous arts and theatre facilitation training programmes and has acted as an arts programme consultant in a variety of settings including youth theatre, mental health services, education, and law.

Anna worked at Youth Theatre Ireland, the national support and advocacy organization for youth drama practice and youth theatres, for ten years where she created various long term programmes such as ArtsTrain, a full-time accredited drama facilitation programme; ‘Leading On…’, an annual training programme for youth theatre leaders; and ‘The Young Critic’s Programme’ as well as developing various supports in terms of best practice and policy in youth theatre.  

Until recently, Anna was Director of Participation and Education at Barnstorm Theatre Company where she ran three groups under Kilkenny Youth Theatre for thirteen years as part of her remit.

She currently runs Carlow Youth Theatre and teaches Performance Craft and Theatre subjects at Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training.  She also lectures in various institutions in the area of creativity, drama and performance and is a former Creative Associate with the Arts Council.

Anna was a member of Dublin Youth Theatre from 1987 - 1994 and has been running Drama Facilitation for ESC since 2018.  Anna has been living in Kildare Town since 2000.

Anne Marie McIntyre

Anne Marie McIntyre

English Language Training

AnnMarie McIntyre is a language teacher, who formerly taught French in Newbridge College. She has a first class honours degree in French, Spanish and English from UCD. She was awarded a scholarship by UCD to do a Masters Degree in French.  She has also taught at second level from 1995-2018 and has taught English as a Second Language since the late ‘80s.

She was introduced to Kildare Youth Theatre through her daughter, who was in the youth theatre until recently when she left to study at NUI Galway. Here, AnnMarie teaches English to our ESC volunteers. 

For our 2022-23 season, Ann-Marie will also be facilitating our Reflective Practice sessions

Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle

Voice Coach

Anne Doyle has been working with Crooked House and Kildare Youth Theatre for many years. In 2012 she graduated from two years of full-time professional training at the Gaiety School of Acting. In 2014 she graduated from the more advanced Michael Chekhov training. She has also done voice workshops with Sarah Kane. 

Since the establishment of Kildare Youth Theatre, Anne does regular voice work and voice coaching, particularly with our European Solidarity Corps volunteers, our more senior members, and those who wish to study acting professionally.

Interns, Ocassional & Project Personnel

Sinéad Mooney

Creative Assistant

Sinéad has been a member of Kildare Youth Theatre since 2016, taking part in weekly workshops and exchanges as well as numerous plays, including both Shakespearean (Macbeth, Hamlet) and contemporary (Want, By The Bog Of Cats, Dungeness) productions. 

In 2019, she featured on a discussion panel in the Project Arts Centre at Dublin Theatre Festival as part of Youth Theatre Ireland's Young Critics programme and was also a participant in the inaugural edition of their new playwriting project, ARTiculate. She is currently  studying Communications in Dublin City University, where she is part of the drama society's technical team and acted as producer for the show A Midwinter Night's Dream.

Sinéad was an assistant director  on our 2020 Connections show, Find A Partner. Sinéad was incredibly excited to be involved in the 2020-2021 Connections process as a director, and is now one of our Creative Assistants. 

Juan Escalona Corral

Project Co-ordinator, Digital Drama Workshops

Juan is a trainer, theatre facilitator and project coordinator born in Spain in 1994. Juan worked as a theatre facilitator for over 7 years in Dinámica Teatral, La Rioja's biggest theatre school, and from 2015 to 2019 he coordinated both local and European projects in ON&OFF, a youth theatre in Logroño which we have partnered with many times.

There he got in contact with Crooked House, and after participating in several projects organised by Crooked House as well as hosting the group from Newbridge in Spain a few times, he decided it was time to continue learning from the best practices in artistic youth work in Europe and decided to move to Ireland to carry out his European voluntary project within the ESC programme.

After since returning to Spain, Juan has continued to collaborate with Crooked House and Kildare Youth Theatre, and is currently the project administrator of the Digital Drama Workshops project - more on this can be read on our Projects page.

Juan can be contacted at: juan [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

Özer Gökmen

Creative Assistant & INTER/ACT Co-ordinator

Özer is a Turkish actor who first joined us as an European Solidarity Corps Volunteer for our 2021-2022 season. He graduated from Anadolu University State Conservatory in Eskişehir. Prior to his studies in university, he worked as a professional actor in a local theatre for two seasons. Throughout his career he took place in various plays and short films. Lately, he hosted a TV program for literature enthusiasts on Turkish state television. 

Özer continues to work with us from Turkey, as the co-ordinator and head facilitator of our new INTER/ACT project.   

Özer can be contacted via ozer [at] crookedhouse [dot] ie.

Cian O'Náraigh

Script-writing Mentor

Originally from Kildare Town, Cian attended both Gaelscoil Chill Dara and Gaelcholáiste Chill Dara, and is a recent graduate of English and Irish at NUI Maynooth.

Cian joined Kildare Youth Theatre in 2014. Across the years, he has been involved in various productions from Shakespeare such as King Lear and Merchant of Venice, contemporary plays such as Citizenship and Extremism, to playing roles in work devised by KYT's senior ensemble, such as playing his self-titled character in Act of Oblivion: Surrender and Regrant and also in Act of Oblivion: The Penal Laws.

In 2022, he completed Youth Theatre Ireland’s Drama Facilitation Course, and has worked at the National Festival of Youth Theatre. Cian has previously facilitated Touchstone alongside Doug Morrison, working with young people between the ages of 14 and 16, passing on any knowledge he has gained from his time in Kildare Youth Theatre. 

Cian has also been a part of the ARTiculate programme for young playwrights, and assists members with their endeavours in script-writing.

Cain-Guilfoyle Shorte

Apprentice Facilitator

Cain has been a member of Kildare Youth Theatre since 2016. He first joined our Touchstone workshop, before later transitioning to our Caliban workshop. Throughout the years he developed a passion for theatre facilitation and now aged 19, he is an apprentice facilitators in some of these workshops. Cain is a part of a unique Kildare Youth Theatre initiative which offers our members who are seriously invested in theatre opportunities to help with the running of our projects and workshops. 

He has been a participant of some of our international youth exchanges and training courses in Greece and Ireland. He has a particular interest in stage combat and stunt coordination.

Jerry Iwu

Acting Coach, Dréimire

Jerry is 24 years old and currently living in London. He is Nigerian (Igbo), but grew up in Ireland. Jerry grew up in a small town, an hour and a half away from the capital city Dublin. He lived there for 17 years before getting into acting Uni and moving to London in 2017. He trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and graduated with a BA in (Hons) Acting.

He is a musician. He would normally classify himself as a rapper but recently has been in a mist of an artistic venture and exploration of himself, style/sound. 

Jerry was a member of Kildare Youth Theatre for many years, performing in plays such as Journey To X, Othello and Romeo & Juliet to name a few. He also helped to co-facilitate some of our previous workshops, such as Pulse, and Ignition.

Jerry is currently assisting with our Dréimire project, providing his Royal Central expertise to its members.  

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