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Mondays, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

The Oberon group is a drop-in session where we devise, learn performance techniques, build teamwork, and explore issues that are relevant to this age group. Anyone can come along to the session provided they are aged between 11-13.


The group devises drama based on their own themes and ideas. They also have the opportunity to take part in NT Connections (see below) and the classical play (see below) throughout the year should they wish to. We strive to maintain an equal number of boys and girls in the group. Usually, young people may join at any time in the year.

Oberon runs from September to July, including on bank holidays and on mid-term breaks. There is a two-week break at Christmas and at Easter. All members must complete a membership registration form with their parents. Members MUST be 11 when applying due to insurance and other reasons.


For Ages 11-13

Typical Rehearsal Session

A typical workshop

Tuesdays, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The Touchstone workshop explores devising and improvisation, building performance techniques and experience as it progresses. The sessions are fun and games-based. Participants devise short scenes and stage them for each other during the workshop. The themes chosen are those relevant to this age group. Each session involves feedback and discussion of the short scenes devised. They also can take part in NT Connections (below), the classical play (below), and exchanges (below) throughout the year should they wish to.


Touchstone runs from September to July, including on bank holidays and on mid-term breaks, although young people may join at any time in the year, provided they are at least 14. There is a two-week break at Christmas and at Easter. All members must complete a membership registration form with their parents.


Facilitators - Oguzhan Sahin and ESC volunteers.


For Ages 14-16

Typical workshop exercise

A typical workshop

Thursdays, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Caliban is a workshop company for older teenagers. In it we develop different and more advanced styles and techniques of performance in a fun and engaged way. This group devises drama based on their own themes and ideas. They stage one devised piece of theatre every year and can take part in a scripted play - NT Connections (see below). They may also take part in the classical play (see below). Travel opportunities also present themselves from time-to-time, where several of the group may be selected to take part in theatre encounters and exchanges in Ireland and abroad (see below).


Like most of our workshops, Caliban runs from September to July, including on bank holidays and on mid-term breaks. There is a two-week break at Christmas and at Easter. All members must complete a membership registration form with their parents. Usually, young people may join at any time in the year, provided they are at least 17.

Facilitators - Oguzhan Sahin, Narod Shahinian and ESC Volunteers


For Ages 17-19

Typical workshop exercise

A typical workshop

Typical workshop exercise

A typical workshop

Indigo Collective

Fridays 19:00-21:00pm

Applications closed. Check emails for open slots

The Indigo Collective is a new film and theatre-making project for LGBTQI+ young people, people of all genders, and their allies and friends. It is for young people aged 15 to 25.

We will meet once per week to develop a performance ensemble. The ensemble will create pieces of theatre and a short film that will be staged and shown in June 2023. The theatre pieces and the film will reflect the experiences, concerns and opinions of LGBTQI+ people and their allies/friends


Echo is facilitated by Peter Hussey with associate work from our ESC volunteers Petro Rusianenko and Ola Al Mamlouk.

The work produced by the Indigo Collective will be staged in Newbridge as part of Pride Month 2023 in Riverbank on 6th June, and for an international youth exchange called ‘Prism’ to be held in Ireland. The plan will be to then stage the play during summer 2023, in small theatres in Kilcullen, Prosperous, Athy, Ballitore, Kildare and Monasterevin.

Applications have closed but those interested are advised to keep an eye out on their emails to see if any slots may open up.

Indigo Collective

For Ages 15-25

Movement piece example

A Physical Theatre performance

Typical movement warmup exercise

A Physical Theatre workshop

Saturdays, 11:00am to 2:00pm

 If interested, send an email to

The Dréimire project is a unique Crooked House Theatre Company initiative open to Kildare Youth Theatre members which offers financial and educational support to young actors who wish to study theatre abroad. 


The process of auditioning for a place at a recognised drama school is quite arduous. Some schools can have between 3,500 and 6,000 young people aged 17 to 25 (approximately) audition for one of 16 (or 27) places on their BA in Acting. 

Most of these acting colleges are situated in London, and so auditions can consist of up to FIVE flights to London and back, only to be rejected at the final hurdle, although this has been somewhat eased by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, mentorship to succeed in these auditions can be extremely expensive, frequently prohibitively so. 

The Dréimire young acting school therefore offers one-to-one coaching to help with the auditions, as well as support with associated costs, the application process, and all the hurdles in between. It is intended exclusively for those from socioeconomically challenged or disadvantaged communities, such as minorities, those who do not speak English as their mother tongue, or those from rural backgrounds.

If this applies to you and you are interested in auditioning for third level acting, please contact us at with the title "Dreimire". 

Read more about the Dréimire project here.

Dréimire - Young Actors' School

For Ages 18-25

Dreimire flyer.jpg

Sundays 16:30-18:30pm

Applications closed - check emails for open slots

The Anemoia Project brings together 10 -16 participants. It suits mostly young men although it is open to young women too and people of all genders. We encourage participants to apply who have migrant origins or be from ethnically diverse backgrounds, and others will be interested in physical performance. They will be joined by 4 young artists from different cultures who are living in Ireland. They will work together to devise a piece of theatre 60 minutes long.


This project is funded by the Young Ensembles Scheme of the Arts Council of Ireland.


The new work will explore the themes of:

(1) making masculinities (what is means to be male / a man)

(2) belonging to more than one culture.

It aims to explore the question “How do we merge our non-Irish heritage with our lived Irish experience to broaden the definition of Irishness?” The young artists and ensemble will have masterclasses and workshops throughout the project with established older artists. They will act as mentors for the younger artists.

There will be an emphasis on, and training in, physicality and movement, as well as in devising scenes and moments. We will also explore verbatim technique through various methods taught by UK theatre maker and actor trainer Sebastian Harcombe.

The work will travel to the For / With / By Festival of Youth Theatre in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, in the UK in July 2023. It will also, hopefully, travel to other destinations abroad.

Applications have closed but those interested are encouraged to check their emails for open slots.

The Anemoia Project

For Ages 16-30

Cian Ó Náirigh from the Senior Ensemble performing in 'The Penal Laws'

Cian Ó Náirigh from the preceding Senior Ensemble's The Act of Oblivion IV: Penal Laws (2019)

Peter McHale of the Senior Ensemble performing in the play 'Queen's County'

The preceding Senior Ensemble perform The Act of Oblivion III: Queen's County (2020)

The Anemoia Project

Wednesdays 18:00-21:30pm and Sundays 13:00-16:00pm

Auditions Closed - check emails for open positions

Every year Kildare Youth Theatre rehearse and perform a Shakespearean play, generally one which is based on that year's Leaving Certificate syllabus. This year's work will be Hamlet, to be staged in May 2023. Auditions were open to all our members as well as to the local schools, however they have since closed. 

Hamlet was written around 1600, over 400 years ago. In one of Shakespeare's most renowned tragedies, the ghost of the King of Denmark tells his son Hamlet to avenge his murder by killing the new king, Hamlet's uncle. Hamlet feigns madness, contemplates life and death, and seeks revenge. 


Recent productions have been The Merchant of Venice (2020), Hamlet (2019), Macbeth (2018), King Lear (2017), The Merchant of Venice (2016), Othello (2015), and Romeo and Juliet (2014),

Our 2023 production of Hamlet will take place from May 2nd - 4th with additional Matinée performances on the 3rd and 4th.

Shakespearean Production: Hamlet

For Ages 13-20

Macbeth Pic 5

Macbeth  (2018)

Lauren Kelly from our 2017 King Lear production

King Lear (2017)

Sundays, 16:00-19:00pm

Auditions closed - check emails for open roles.

Since 2002 Kildare Youth Theatre has taken part in this festival of youth theatres run by the UK National Theatre (NT) in London. Each year the NT commissions ten new plays from established writers and offers them to over 200 youth theatres and schools around Britain and Ireland to perform. KYT has performed over 30 of the new plays since 2002, including brand new work by Mark Ravenhill, Enda Walsh, Lisa McGee, Denis Kelly, Jon Fosse, and Nancy Harris. Every July, just ten of the 200+ youth theatres are selected to perform their play in the South Bank in London’s West End and four times, KYT has been selected to stage their play in The National Theatre (in 2003, 2008, 2015 and 2019).

Rehearsals for Connections began in the autumn; the play is staged locally in March and feedback is given by a director from London’s NT. Then it travels to be staged in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast in April.


Auditions are closed, but there are roles for musicians, stage managers, sound and lighting technicians, designers, props and costume managers, and a host of other technical roles, all of which you just sign up for. To apply for auditions, please email, or contact your workshop facilitator for more information.

This season's Connections Weekend will take place March 30th - April 1st and will be followed by the Belfast weekend in late April.


Further information about the NT Connections programme is available here.

Connections Festival
National Theatre (NT)

For Ages 12-19

The Cast of our 2019 Connections play, 'The Small Hours'

The Cast of The Small Hours (2019), one of our four groups to be chosen to perform in the National Theatre of London

Charlie Hughes-Farrell and Alec Delaney in London during our 2015 production of 'Hospital Food'

Hospital Food (2015), one of our four groups chosen to perform in the National Theatre of London

Tuesdays and Fridays 18:30-21:00pm and Sundays 14:00-16:00pm

Auditions Closed - Check Emails for Updates


For many years we have staged one of the non-Shakespearian texts on the curriculum for Leaving Cert English. Previous productions have been Wuthering Heights (2019), By the Bog of Cats (2018) and A Doll’s House (2016). The projects often feature directorial debuts for our older members, such as those in the Senior Ensemble, and the cast are often students studying the chosen play.

For our 2022-23 season we are running a new production of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. It centres on the role of Nora. She has secretly broken the law in order to do the emotionally right thing - to save her husband's live. The script is on the 2023 Leaving Certificate Course. 

Performances of A Doll's House will take place 17th-18th January 2023.

Senior Cycle

For Ages 15-20

Seán Dose and Caoimhe Battault from our 2017 production of 'A Doll's House'

Seán Dowse & Caoimhe Battault in A Doll's House (2017)

School Play

Time TBD - Wednesdays from November

Applications closed - check emails for open slots


This programme is suitable for any young person aged 14 to 20 who wants to learn about filmmaking. (For younger members aged 11 to 14 there will be special, occasional workshops in mid-term breaks and holidays for which you can sign up closer to the time). It will be particularly suitable for anyone who wants to go create a portfolio or gain experience before going to a PLC or third level college for film making or editing courses.



The programme will introduce participants to filming and editing, before moving on to assisting the group to create their own shots, scenes and eventually films. The group will learn how to document workshops and shows, and how to record interviews and make short documentary films. Towards the end of the year they will collaborate to make a creative short movie.


Filmmaking Workshop

For Ages 14-20


A sample of the workshop

No fixed date - often summer months

Invitation by email or public social media posts ONLY 


As per usual, there will be national projects (run by Youth Theatre Ireland) and Erasmus+ funded international exchanges and projects with our theatre partners across Europe this coming year.


Details about them will be made available to all members by email in due course. Participation on these is free – all costs are covered – but competition for places is competitive.


Only those over 14 and actively involved in other workshops and projects will be eligible.

Previous recent project locations include Greece, France, Spain and Italy to name a few.

(Inter)National Projects

For Ages 14+

Play The Change exchange in Spain

Play The Change (2017), Organya, Spain

No fixed date - often once a month

Posted on our social medias as dates are confirmed 


As well as scheduled workshops and rehearsals, Kildare Youth Theatre also regularly runs informal open mic nights, for our members and also for any young person (aged 13 to 20) who is not a KYT member. 


These are low-fi gigs for musicians, singers, spoken-word artists, dancers, poetry readers and anyone who has a desire to perform in front of their peers - it can be anything! It is a supportive, vibrant atmosphere with positive feedback and encouragement.


Follow our social media pages to keep updated with Open Mic Nights, especially our Facebook page.

Open Mic Nights

For Ages 13-20

Typical Open Mic performance

Live music of all varieties are common sights at out Open Mic Nights

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