SURGE Festival 2010

19th-25th July 2010, Glasgow, Scotland

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Scotland's SURGE Festival is a yearly event which involves the creation and promotion of street arts, physical theatre, and circus on the streets of Glasgow. It is organised by the SURGE group.

2010 was the festival's first year and involved the participation of Kildare Youth Theatre, who - alongside Mischief La Bas - devised a piece called Conflux Maximus

Conflux Maximus

23rd July 2010, Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland

For the 2010 SURGE Festival, Kildare Youth Theatre members devised at home a new play called Conflux Maximus

Translated as the 'Greatest Confluence', the Roman-inspired Conflux Maximus involved charging down Glasgow's Buchanan Street with a crowd of about 60 people, as they rallied members of the public to join their march. This march culminated in a massive gathering at the Arches for a final 'gladiatorial showdown'.

The aim of Conflux Maximus and the SURGE Festival as a whole, was to shock and surprise Glaswegians by having these high-energy, spontaneous performances in the middle of the city.

Conflux Maximus was devised and performed by Sophia Ellis, Amy Quille, Molly Kiely, Eliza Kelly, Sarah Montunato, Anthony Davidson, Mary McDermott, and Thomas Hugh. It was directed by Peter Hussey.

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NT Connections Festival 2010

22nd-24th March 2010, Moat Theatre, Naas

The National Theatre's Connections project consists of annual, specially written pieces for young actors across the UK & Ireland by leading British, Irish and international playwrights. The plays usually deal with edgy, political subject-matter in uncompromising and honest productions. 

In the rare lapse of no new plays for the 2010 season, Kildare Youth Theatre instead performed classical Connections plays with all new casts. They were Sharman MacDonald's After Juliet and Fausto Paravidino's Nuts from Connections 2001 and 2002 respectively. This brought our total Connection performances to 27, with the two plays taking part back-to-back over three days.

Read more about the two plays below. 

After Juliet

8PM 22nd-24th March 2010, Moat Theatre, Naas


After Juliet, written by Scottish playwright Sharman Mac Donald for the 2001 NT Connections festival, is a pseudo-sequel to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a play Kildare Youth Theatre has performed on many different occasions. 

After Juliet asks the question of what happens to the warring families of the Capulets and Montagues after Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Although based on Shakespeare's work, After Juliet features a much more timeless approach, and is not strictly bound to the 1500's like the former often is.


The Montagues:

Benvolio: Garham Oates

Valentine: Colm Ivers

The Capulets:

Rosaline: Louise Lonergan

Bianca: Amy Quille

Helena: Niamh O'Rourke

Livia: Sarah Murdock

Lorenzo: Paul Miller

Giani: John Cleary

Petruchio: Niall Moore

The Drummer: Sean Reid

The Musician: Jay Suen

The Nurse: Niall Linton

Directed by: Vincent O'Reilly

Lighting: Colim Ivers & Keith Burke


9PM 22nd-24th March 2010, Moat Theatre, Naas

Nuts Cast.jpeg


Nuts by Italian playwright Fausto Paravidino (originally Noccioline and translated by Luca Scarlini) was first commissioned for the 2002 National Theatre Connections festival. 

A Genoa native, Paravidino wrote about the tumultuous and chaotic events of the 2001 G8 Summit which took place at Genoa. Rich with Italian satire and humour, Nuts take a brash and energetic viewpoint of the Summit with a play designed for young adults. The first half play takes place in the present, and the second in an imagined time 10 years in the future based on the events of the Summit.

Nuts was brought back to be performed the following year, which can be viewed here


Buddy: Ian Armstrong

Cindy: Eliza Kelly

Minus: Jack Tinsley 

Piggy: Marc Tuffy

Girl: Mary Kiely

Silly: Amy Quille

Party: Jenni Ryan

Snappy: Emmet Faherty

Magda: Sophia Ellis

Woodschlock: Kenny Stapleton

Schreker: Garry O'Reilly

Directed by: Peter Hussey 

Set crafted by: John Kelly & Jack Tinsley

With thanks to: Thomas O'Driscoll, Colm Ivers, Jim Ivers, Bren Cummins, Keith Burke & Ricky Ellis.

Listen to an interview about After Juliet and Nuts on Kildare FM featuring cast members from the shows below: