The Act of Oblivion I & II: Laudabiliter & Surrender and Regrant

10th-11th February 2018 & 27th June 2018, Riverbank Theatre | 3rd August 2018, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, England

In the first production of 2018, Kildare Youth Theatre attempts to explore what happens when the colonised try to live alongside the coloniser. How is their shared history re-told?  

In 1604, at the end of the Irish Nine Years' War, an Act of Oblivion declared that all "offences against the crown" committed before the King's accession were to be "pardoned, remitted, and utterly extinguished". But they were not forgotten. 

Two short plays interweave and are told at the same time by two separate companies of young actors. In one, Charlie has organised the perfect New Year's Eve party in his campus accommodation, but his plans don't include the enigmatic Elliot who somehow seems to live there too, but not even Charlie knows how or why. 

In the other play Sean has the house to himself when his parents go away and he organises a rehearsal of their Irish-speaking 'phunc-rock' band but Eoghan brings a new singer. From Estonia. Who doesn't speak Irish. But who has lots of money. 

Both plays run their course through, across, and in-between each other, oblivious of each other. Can a settlement to share the stage be reached?

CAST (In order of appearance across multiple shows):

ACT OF OBLIVION I: Laudabiliter

Charlie - Charlie Hughes-Farrell

Elliot - Elliot Nolan

'Cédric' - Felix Laube

Anna - Anna Hyllested

Joe - Joe Brown

Alexandra - Alexandra Sakavitsi

Rhea - Rhea Thomaku

Doug - Doug Morrison

Lauren - Lauren Kelly

ACT OF OBLIVION II: Surrender And Regrant

Seán - Seán Dowse

Cian - Cian Ó Náraigh

Eoghan - Eoghan Ó Laoghaire

'Gloria' (Kat) - Katerina Kataki

Oisín - Oisín Heffernan

Peter - Peter McHale

'Gloria' (Hollie) - Hollie Murphy

NT Connections 2018 - 'Want'

23rd-24th March 2018, Riverbank Theatre | 5th May 2018, Lyric Theatre, Belfast

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William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'

1st-3rd May, Riverbank Theatre

Kildare Youth Theatre aims to stage large-scale shows like Macbeth to the highest standards possible, while also using the themes of the play to explore our contemporary world. Politics and power were at the heart of this production of Macbeth, in which a powerful and successful war-lord tries to become a head of state but finds the field of politics requires hugely different skills than the field of war. The young cast brought fresh and innovation interpretations to their roles and scenes, involving creative use of slow motion, dazzling sword fights, microphones and public address, and one unforgettable re-interpretation of Brittney Spear’s Toxic. - An excerpt from the Kildare Nationalist, 2018  

A Teaser for our Production:

The Official Trailer:

Some Pictures from the Show:

An edited version of our 2018 Macbeth production can be watched in its entirety here.

Equal Love Youth Exchange

1st-10th July 2018, Oldenburg, Germany

Equal Love was an Erasmus+ funded Youth Exchange which took place in Oldenburg, Germany. The project was focused on the rights, political agenda, and issues faces by the LGBTQ+ community, particularly the opinion of same sex marriages across the EU. 

The project aimed to highlight the emotional trauma young people who question their sexuality go through, and how this can have a negative effect on their mental health. The project used both theatre and video-making to explore and express the thoughts and opinions brought up by the project and the collaborative work.

The project involved the participation of Jugendkulturarbeit of Oldenburg, Bondiek Buhne of Austria, Youth 4 Youth of Italy, Bliski Wschod of Poland, CZM of Slovenia, ON&OFF Teatro of Spain, Toonspeak Theatre of the UK, and of course Kildare Youth Theatre.

The project also heavily utilised social method to help promote the efforts and ideas of its participants.

The official Instagram page for the project can be found here.

Supplicants Youth Exchange

5-12th August 2018, Athens, Greece

Supplicants was an Eramus+ funded youth exchange involving members from Kildare Youth Theatre, On&Off Teatro of Spain, and Knitiras of Greece, the latter being the host of this project. Supplicants aimed to tackle and explore the stigma surrounding migrants and immigration. Why are people suspicious of migrants, and what can we do to change this? These questions were explored through group work involving all three countries. Topics and questions were raised in discussions, and these ideas were then translated into pieces of dance and theatre. All the young people in each country were motivated by a need to understand more about the reality facing refugees in Europe, and therefore worked, devised and performed alongside refugees from various Middle Eastern countries. 

"Within seconds of talking to them, I completely forgot they were refugees and I just thought of them as a friend. It’s heartbreaking to think of everything they went through, and they are only my age" -  Female, 18.

"Not only did the medium of acting help the refugees express their stories, but it also acted as a tool of communication between the different nationalities" - Male, 19

A short documentary of the project can be watched in full here.

Philip Ridley's 'Karamazoo'

21st April 2018, Crooked House | 21st September 2018, Riverbank Car Park

Karamazoo is a 25 minute monologue written in 2003 by London author Philip Ridley. It is one of the most perfect pieces of writing for a young actor, combining fresh story-telling and comic characterisation that slowly reveals an unflinching critique of a failed social policy through the savage grief of a teenager struggling to cope with the death of a parent. This 2018 male rendition was performed by Joe Brown and directed by Peter Hussey.


With thanks to: Katerina Kataki and Theo Nadal. Performed by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.