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Emily Brontë's 'Wuthering Heights'

19th-20th November 2019, Riverbank Theatre

In this modern adaptation of Emily Brontë’s Gothic fairy-tale, Jane Thornton infuses Wuthering Heights with quick-fire dialogue and an urgency that brings the age-old tale to life for contemporary audiences! In this searing, wild, and often funny, production, five storytellers take their audience on a whistle-stop tour of the novel all the while inhabiting some of literature’s most iconic characters!


This is the story of Catherine and Heathcliff as they grow up together on the Yorkshire Moors. Published over 170 years ago, Wuthering Heights is an enduring tale of Obsessive Love, Violence, Social Class and the Supernatural.

See below the programme for the show:
WH Poster.jpeg

Click through to see the full cast - hover over for more information

Logos International Training Course

24th August - 3rd September 2019, Pelion, Greece

Logos was an Erasmus+ funded training course set in the beautiful mountains of eastern Greece. It brought together 34 participants to train in more advanced methods of facilitation and devising. Using a mix of peer-learning, practical demonstration, collaborative creation and discussion, young Irish and Greek facilitators worked together to boost their facilitation skills and techniques. The project took place in the little village of Agios Ioannis, where our participants slept at a local campsite, void of wifi and home comforts.
The project culminated in a series of site-specific performances around the campus which expressed and displayed the themes and topics discussed throughout the week. 

"Coming into contact with a different culture was fascinating; experiencing their food, and enjoying their music and other aspects. Sleeping in a cabin out in a Greek forest was an incredible experience" - Irish male, 20. 

"It was exciting to work with other young people and experienced facilitators. The new techniques and devising exercises they brought were refreshing" - Irish female, 20. 

Logos 1.jpeg

A Greek documentary on the festival can be viewed here.

Pelion Camp.png
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Watch below an edited documentary of the Logos project, produced by our Videographer Alec Delaney:

Kairos International Youth Exchange

3rd-11th August 2019, Newbridge

Kairos was an Erasmus+ funded international youth exchange hosted by Crooked House. It involved young actors from Kildare Youth Theatre, Kinitiras from Greece, On&Off Teatro from Spain, Jugendkulturarbeit E.V. from Germany, Bronks from Belgium, and New Woolsey Theatre from the UK. The project aimed to use theatre-making and dance to make short performances that promote what we believe in as young people. Participants worked in groups of mixed nationalities to research the rise of right-wing parties and governments across Europe, discussing how they might best respond to some of the arguments put forward by these parties. The nine day project culminated in short performances which responded to the policies of right wing agendas. 

Kairos Poster.jpeg

"I feel very lucky that I had the chance to work, to speak, to laugh and to explore such an important subject. The fact that so many young people are aware of those issues makes me feel very optimistic" - Greek male, 26.

"I have had a liberating, unifying and exciting week. I have not only learnt a lot about other cultures, but I have reflected on my own" - UK female, 21. 

I am grateful to the European Union for supporting programmes like this because I think it is a huge enrichment, and shows what humans are able to create: a space of art and benevolence and empathy and diversity"  - German female, 18. 

Kairos 1.jpeg
Kairos 2.jpeg

A Little Box of Oblivion 

16th-17th June 2019, Liffey Studio 

A Little Box Of Oblivion was a comedy play devised and performed primarily by the Oberon and Touchstone drama groups, created for the 2019 June Fest season. 

A Little Box of Oblivion was directed by Sandra Sakavitsi. 

The play featured Harriet Ronayne, Becky Donovan, Ralph McFly, Kim Morrison and Grace Ní Laoghaire. It was performed in the Liffey Studio over two nights to limited audiences.

Box Of Oblivion Poster.jpg


11th & 14th June 2019, Liffey Studio 

Purple Poster.jpeg

In Purple, author Jon Fosse shows a boy leading a girl into the dank, disused factory basement where his hopeless would-be rock band practices. She wants to leave, he wants to stay; then the drummer arrives, full of such a contradictory tempest of rage, desire and hair-trigger aggression that the boy begins to seem in real danger, as competing teenage needs for connection and self-sufficiency reach an explosive level.


The dialogue is short - the characters are unable to express what they mean, and they are afraid to say the truth in front of each other. A tense play, Purple is rife with atmosphere and suspense. 

Purple was performed as part of the 2019 Newbridge June Fest. It was directed by Sandra Sakavitsi with assistance from Rhea Thomakou. It was aimed at new Kildare Youth Theatre members who had never acted before, and ran to limited audiences in our Liffey Studio. 

The Séance

6th-8th June 2019, Crooked House | 21st June 2019, McAuley Place, Naas

The Séance by Scottish playwright Anthony Neilson is a one-act short play from the National Theatre's Connections collection.


At the end of the summer holidays, seven teenagers get together to hold a séance, complete with an Ouija board, scented candles, and crystal glasses, in the hopes of communicating with the spirit of their dead friend. The play is full of ordinary, subtle dialogue that reveals tensions, relationships, dreams and possibilities.


(in alphabetical order)

Andy: Lorcan O'Shea

Jarjar: Eoghan Kenna

Mark: Sam Duggan

Nadia: Amy Wynne

Natasha: Faith Olasogba

Phoebe: Aoife Doyle

Sophie: Jenny Dillon


Director: Vasiliki Psarra

Lights: Max Magnus, Rhea Thomakou

Sound: Vasiliki Psarra

Setting: Vasliki Psarra

A selection of posters from the show.

Seance 4.jpg

The Séance was performed as part of the 2019 June Fest season, (along with Purple and A Little Box of Oblivion) as well as the Naas and Sallins Midsummer Arts Festival.

William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

1st-3rd May 2019, Riverbank Theatre

Hamlet Programme_page-0001.jpg

Click through to see some Hamlet rehearsal pics;

Click through to see some Hamlet performance pics;

A Promotional Trailer:

Hamlet 2019 Poster

Artwork by Hollie Murphy

Hamlet Programme_page-0002.jpg

Audience Reviews of Hamlet:

A full, edited, live performance of our 2019 production of Hamlet can be viewed below:

NT Connections 2019 - 'The Small Hours'

29th & 31st March & 22nd June 2019, Riverbank Theatre | 13th April 2019, Lyric Theatre Belfast | June 27th 2019, Dorfman Stage, National Theatre of London

Every year, Kildare Youth Theatre takes part in the National Theatre's Connections Festival. Each year, youth theatres across the UK & Ireland select from 10 specially written brand new plays to perform, with one rendition of each play chosen to perform on the Dorfman Stage in the National Theatre, in London. For the 2019 season, Kildare Youth Theatre performed Katherine Soper's The Small Hours, and was chosen to be performed in London. 

Small Hours 1.jpeg
Small Hours March].jpeg
Small Hours 4.jpeg
Small Hours 5.jpeg

© The Other Richard, 2019 (London)

Small Hours 3.jpeg
Small Hours 6.jpeg

Act of Oblivion: IV - The Penal Laws

8th-9th February 2019, Riverbank Theatre

Oblivion IV Penal Laws.jpeg
Act of Oblivion Pic 1.jpeg
KYT WIX Sample Image.jpeg
Act of Oblivion Pic 4.jpeg

A Promotional Trailer: 

A full, edited, live performance of The Penal Laws can be viewed below:

Drama For Youth Work (KA2) - Spanish Filming

1st-7th February 2019, Logroño, Spain

In the first week of February, three young filmmakers from Kildare Youth Theatre ventured off to Logroño, in the north of Spain, to initiate the first stage of our Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ programme with BiondekBühne of Austria, and On+Off Theatre of Spain.

The trip to Spain marked the commencement of a multi-year project involving the brainstorming, filming, editing and production of a network of drama based workshop training videos on  

Our Irish team worked alongside other young European filmmakers through all stages of production.

More information regarding Drama For Youth Work can be found here.

More information can be found about our trip to Spain on our blog.

With thanks to: Dasha Lavrinenko, Doug Morrison, Charlie Hughes-Farrell, and Alec Delaney.

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See below a compilation of some other noteworthy 2019 moments for KYT

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