27 January

This new work was been devised by 13 young people with theatre-maker Peter Hussey. It explored the drive that motivates us to find a better dream, to become a better version of ourselves, and to wish to be anywhere but here. The play investigated the concept of hope, and asks questions about the stories we are told (if you stay in school, do well in your Leaving Cert, you'll go to college and then get a good job). 

Using the metaphor of Shakespeare's Venice, we performed multiple narratives about what it's like to be here, when your friends and older siblings are elsewhere, 'living the dream'. The Elizabethans idealized Venice in much the same way as we do Berlin - a place defined by opportunity and liberalism, art and culture, where it was possible to be everything good about yourself.


10-12 March

Kildare Youth Theatre presented Extremism by Anders Lustgarten.
Directed by Peter Hussey, this provocative work explored how young people are taught to police each other in an age of terror threats and radicalisation. Anders Lustgarten is an internationally renowned political theatre maker from the UK.

Extremism is not suitable for children – contains sexual swear words and references, and acts of violence.

Clown Sketch

17 March

Graham Butler-Breen, Sean O' Brien, Lauren Kelly, Aaz Ibrahim and Sean Dowse showed a small story about a patient infected with political extremism (of the 'trumpeting' variety).

King Lear

4-5 May

This complex tragedy of a powerful, but ignorant, king who is transformed by the loss of everything into becoming a simple man with nothing except his knowledge of himself and his empathy for his down-trodden people is often cited as Shakespeare’s finest play. It is the great play about homelessness, very relevant today as Ireland grapples with its housing crisis. It also has much to say about wisdom and power, especially in the light of recent political regime change across the western world. Directed by Peter Hussey, it features young actors from Kildare schools who are studying this text for their Leaving Cert in 2018.

King Lear is the 8th annual Shakespearian production staged by Kildare Youth Theatre.

Delicious Intent

4th June

JuneFest festival