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Kildare Youth Theatre Against Racism

Following the recent and abhorrent tragedies witnessed in America, and in general repulsion against racism both at home and abroad, a socially-distanced, peaceful Black Lives Matter protest took place in Newbridge over the weekend.

Over 100 people, all wearing masks, gathered two meters apart at the St. Conleth's Park car park behind Newbridge Town Hall. A collection of Kildare Youth Theatre members, of all ages, as well as Artistic Director Peter Hussey, participated in the protest.

Posters and banners in hand, participants aimed to highlight the importance of anti-racist behaviour in our local communities, as well as improving the rights of those in Direct Provision in Ireland.

The protest also involved those speaking about their own first hand experiences of racism and colour-based harrassment in Ireland - highlighting that racism is not an American-exclusive problem.

More about the protest can be read on Kildare Now.

Crooked House, and subsequently Kildare Youth Theatre, vehemently stands against racism. We do not and will not tolerate any racist language/slurs, harassment, or behaviour during any show, rehearsal, exchange, or any project involving or led by Crooked House or Kildare Youth Theatre.

An excerpt from Section 5 of our Constitution reads as follows: Developing and running youth-work projects using the arts (employing good practice in youth-work and adhering to the principles of inclusion, equality, diversity, and access).


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