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  • Charlie Hughes

'Mouth Off' Update - April 2023

Mouth Off is a project that explores the impact of social media on democratic and political processes. The project's workshops started on 4th March and have been taking place every Saturday. During the workshops, participants are encouraged to critically analyze the role of social media in shaping public opinion and political discourse.

The workshops have included activities such as group discussions, interactive warm-ups and devising sessions aimed at helping participants understand how social media can be used for democratic and political purposes. Participants have been actively engaged in the workshops, sharing their own experiences and perspectives on the topic.

The project has attracted a diverse group of participants. The workshops have provided an opportunity for participants to learn from each other and develop their knowledge and skills in the area of social media and democracy.

Overall, Mouth Off has been a valuable project in promoting critical thinking and civic engagement among young people. By exploring the impact of social media on democratic and political processes, the project has encouraged participants to become more active and informed citizens, and to use social media as a tool for positive change.

The Mouth Off Project will culminate in an exchange in La Guardia, Spain hosted by FOCO Europa.


This text was taken from our April 2023 newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. It was written by one our European Solidarity Corps Volunteers, Matteo Polimanti. To find out more about the Mouth Off project, you can email us at info[at]crookedhouse[dot]ie.


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