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  • Charlie Hughes

Volunteers Reflections - A Blog Series

Did you know since we launched our new Crooked House website recently, we have been sharing some blog posts written by our European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus Student Traineeship volunteers?

Where once it would have gone on this blog, personal reflections written about more general content about Crooked House, rather than specifically Kildare Youth Theatre, will go on our blog over on the new site.

Some of the recent reflection pieces include heartfelt and sincere monologues about what it's like as a foreign volunteer to spend a year in Newbridge, whilst others are creative and fun pieces of poetry or stories made to look like theatre scripts.

Why not check the blogs out? View them here.

Want to stay here? Keep an eye on this blog, some special works written by our members are on their way. You can also read more about our volunteers on our people page.



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