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ANNOUNCEMENT: All Programmes Moved Online

In response to a roll-out of new COVID-19 regulations outlined by the Government on the 19th of October, Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House has moved most of our rehearsals and workshops online.

The new restrictions outlined permits a maximum of 6 people to gather for small-structured work so long as social distance can be guaranteed. However, to prioritise the safety of all our Members and Volunteers, we have taken the decision to operate on Zoom with some limited exceptions.


With immediate effect, all workshops will take place at the usual time, but now instead on Zoom. Your respective Workshop Facilitator will email you with details of the Zoom and other important information before each session - so please check your email account regularly.

You do not need to install Zoom on your computer/mobile device for the call to work, but we highly recommend that you do install it. Advice on how to do so, and how to join calls, can be read here: Please email your Facilitator directly if you have any queries or concerns.

Please note that you cannot under any circumstance share any Zoom Room ID's, Passwords, Dates, or User Details to any unregistered member or anyone not involved in your Workshop/Rehearsal as to do so is a violation of our Code of Conduct, as well as GDPR Privacy laws.



For the 2 hours of the workshop you’ll need good internet in order to be able to have your camera and microphone on.

In general, every workshop is different. The facilitator will let you know in the invitation email each week what you might need for the upcoming workshop. For example, you might need:

  • a space where you can be alone with your computer/laptop/phone. This is because (a) some of the exercises may involve you devising something with another member online, (b) you may need to be able to do some small movements as warm-ups, and (c) you may need to be able to talk with your microphone on.

  • You may also need a pen and paper for some workshops where you have to write something.

  • In some cases, you might need to have your email open so that instructions can be emailed to you there and then about an activity.



  • As per normal, there is no mid-term break for Kildare Youth Theatre

  • The status of all other projects, not including workshops, have been emailed to all registered Kildare Youth Theatre members, and we will update you by email again should any further updates occur.

  • Over the next couple of weeks, our European Solidarity Corps volunteers from across Europe will start to join our workshops to learn and teach new skills and forms of theatre! You can read about them on our People page.

Any questions not answered in this announcement can be sent to




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