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  • Charlie Hughes

Kildare Youth Theatre in Rabka-Zdrój for Partnership Building Activity

Kildare Youth Theatre is currently being represented by Crooked House at a Partnership Building Activity in Rabka-Zdrój, southeast Poland. Called Connect-Empower-Act, the 7 day project is aimed at forming new partnerships between us and other organisations and NGO’s from across Europe.

The project features organisations from Poland, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Greece, Italy and Latvia. During the week, all participating organisations - who have sent betwen 1-3 representatives each - have been spending the week leanring more about the Erasmus+ programme and how to apply for projects. They have also been learning more about eachother's organisations, with the intention of possibly collaborating in the future.

Therefore, some of these organisations we will work with in the future through Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training courses, so stay tuned for more. C-E-A is hosted by Europe4Youth of Poland.



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