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  • Peter Hussey

Where do they come from?

Based on completed Registration Forms for children and young people (aged 5 to 24), the pie-chart across shows that most of our participants come from outside Newbridge.

While a hefty 42% (that's 68 people) come from Newbridge, Naas (9%), Kildare (4%), Kilcullen (3.7%) and The Curragh (3.7%) provide the next largest groups of participants.

There are members from all over the county (in many cases one person representing an area - such as Athy, or Kildangan), and some from outside the county (Dunlavin and Portarlington).

The group with the largest number of participants is Generator (46 members in the 19 to 20 age bracket) but catching up fast are Ignition (for 17 to 18 year olds - 41 members).

The figures were tallied in February 2015 and show a total of 161 rgistered, full-time, regularly active members. This does not take into account those (far more) who take part in summer projects, exchanges and other once-off projects during the year.


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