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27th January 2017

​a new play devised by the companyRiverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge

This new work has been devised by 13 young people with theatre-maker Peter Hussey. It explores the drive that motivates us to find a better dream, to become a better version of ourselves, and to wish to be anywhere but here. The play investigates the concept of hope, and asks questions about the stories we are told (if you stay in school, do well in your Leaving Cert, you'll go to college and then get a good job).

Using the metaphor of Shakespeare's Venice, we perform multiple narratives about what it's like to be here, when your friends and older siblings are elsewhere, 'living the dream'. The Elizabethans idealised Venice in much the same way as we do Berlin - a place defined by opportunity and liberalism, art and culture, where it was possible to be everything good about yourself.

But why does Shylock's runaway daughter, Jessica, feel sad whenever she hears sweet music? And how many long weeks and months did Roderigo spend courting the out-of-reach Desdemona? Venetians imagines what they would tell us if they could. The play also explores the realities of migration from the experiences of those coming to Ireland.

The cast is multi-cultural and includes young people from six nationalities. Directed by Peter Hussey, in collaboration with the performers: Seán Dowse, Caolán Dundon, Aaz Ibrahim, Jerry Iwu, Filip Karda, Lauren Kelly, Megan Mc Sorley, Beatrice Montorfano, Elliot Nolan, Seán Holland Ó Brien, Lee Smith, Graham Butler-Breen and Allie Whelan.

This project was made with the assistance of a grant from the Arts Council's Young Ensembles Scheme in 2016. It forms part of Crooked House's HSE-funded programme Wellbeing and Identity for 2017.

To book your tickets for Venetians or to bring a school or youth group, click here

(To view a recording of the show visit the films page)


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