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Snapshot of 2020 Membership Statistics

Ever wondered what our membership looks like? Well look no further! A recent snapshot taken in early February has come to show the distribution of all our members. With representation from every corner of the county (and even one or two beyond that), the survey shows just how diverse and varied our community is. Although based in Newbridge, we strive to live up to our name of 'Kildare' Youth Theatre.

The data, taken over the week of the 3rd of February, provides a rough breakdown into the memberhsip of our Oberon, Touchstone, Caliban, and Bachram workshops, as well as our weekend rehearsals. Included in the document are also some figures about our staff, who are not included in the pie chart.

Also in the document is an anonymous breakdown of the ages and genders of our members. If you want to know more, the full document can be accessed by clicking on the picture above, or simply here.

Data sourced by: Peter Hussey.

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