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Often when we have restrictions imposed upon us we become more creative. Restrictions force us to use resources we had forgotten about or had underused before.

So it is with the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis. In Crooked House we have ceased all physical contact with others, and we are using the social isolation period to challenge our members to work together creatively on six online projects.

Over the period from 17th March to 29th March 2020 we will host the Quarantine Festival, an online gathering of young people creating in multi-media, expressing their reactions to the current crisis, and making new work shared publicly online in social media channels.

The Closed Mic Competition is an online event similar to an Open Mic in which the members of Kildare Youth Theatre can share their talents, such as singing, poetry, stand-up comedy etc. All the performances will be streamed in the personal Instagram account of each participant on Saturday 21 March from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. Every registered participant will be given time slots and they will be informed about the Instagram accounts of each one of the other participants, so they can watch the performances at the appropriate time.

Vid-Nineteen is a short-video-making project. All participants are invited to record, in their most creative way, a short video (no longer than 40 seconds), on a theme suggested by 5 prompts send to registered participants. Videos will be compiled into a larger one which will be uploaded to our website.

The Viral Words Playwrighting Project aims to bring young writers together online to collaborate in the creation of a stage work on Google Drive. Young people sign up to take part. The final creation will be a play written collaboratively by the members of the group and facilitated by Peter Hussey.

Infection can’t spread through the airwaves, so we’re headed there for the Social Distance Podcast Competition. Participants are encouraged to make their own podcasts. These podcasts can be whatever participants would like to talk about: Music, television, anecdote, or just you talking about absolutely nothing at all. Podcasts can be up to 30 minutes but can be shorter if desired. They will be uploaded to our website and three winning podcasts will be chosen during the Quarantine Festival on Sunday, 29th March.

The Digital Photo Project will follow a competition format. Each day from 19th – 27th March participants receive 3 prompts. The prompts can be anything – visual, audio or a quote/line from a play or movie. The participants will then take photographs using these prompts and submit them to the official Digital Photography competition Instagram page @crookedhousephoto At the end of each day, we will choose the best of all photographs submitted in each category and will post them on the Instagram page. The participants will be given the prompts the night before and will have until 5.30pm the next day to complete the tasks. Three overall winners will be announced during the Quarantine festival final evening.

The Quarantine Festival will conclude on Sunday, 29th March with a Showcase of Home Performances. During the previous weeks registered participants will have been working on a solo performance using monologue, movement, interactive recordings, music, or digital conversations. They will have rehearsed these and staged them via livestream for the project facilitators. On Sunday, each performance, lasting from 5 to 10 minutes, will be livestreamed from the young person’s home.

The festivals hub page can be found here: or through the 'Projects' Heading at the top of our website.


Tel: +353 87 2759420

The Quarantine Festival is curated by Crooked House’s team of staff, volunteers and young people, all working from home. They are Doug Morrison, Cian Ó Náraigh, Vassiliki Psarra, Juan Escalona Corral, Gonzalo Martinez Ramiro, Fany Bara, George Parashkevov, Lauren Kelly and Peter Hussey.


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