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  • Charlie Hughes

2021 Membership Origin Breakdown

Ever wondered what our membership looks like? Well look no further! Here is our 2021 update of Kildare Youth Theatre's Membership Breakdown. A recent snapshot taken in the middle of February has come to show the distribution of all our members. With representation from every corner of the county (and even one or two beyond that), the survey shows just how diverse and varied our community is. Although based in Newbridge, we strive to live up to our name of 'Kildare' Youth Theatre.

This year, of course, has turned a standard season on its head. No longer do our members travel from all over the county to attend workshops, it's all done from the comfort of their home. Kildare Youth Theatre is proud to bring this season to over 77 people for free of charge.

This breakdown consists of members in our workshops, ensembles, and upcoming plays. It also shows a rough breakdown of schools attended by this number. It does not include our staff or volunteers, who have traveled from all across Europe to work with us and to help deliver this season. It also does not include the school workshops these volunteers have led throughout the year. With this included, the number is a staggering 131 weekly interactions of people aged 11-24.

Kildare Youth Theatre would like to thank all our members and staff for their continued perseverance in these unique circumstances and we look forward to continuing our outstanding work with them.

Data sourced and displayed by Peter Hussey.



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