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Crooked House Theatre Company in Austria for Digital Drama Workshops

Members of Crooked House Theatre Company are currently in Baden, Austria for the Digital Drama Workshops project. An Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project, Digital Drama workshops is Crooked House led, and aims to offer theatre makers skills and materials to conduct their work online during times when they cannot meet (and so avoid closure, loss of earnings, and loss of creative interaction for young people).

Featuring the participation of BeyondBuhne of Austria, Pirineus Creatius of Spain and Rogaland Theatre of Norway, the Digital Drama Workshop will offer 40 online workshops, as well as 10 videos and a book, all free of charge. This resource network is designed to help theatres to work and adapt during unpredictable times.

Currently, Charlie Hughes-Farrell, Alec Delaney and Cormac Dowdall, as well as Artistic Director Peter Hussey are working to help produce these materials in the beautiful town of Baden, Austria.

Read more about the Digital Drama Workshops project here.



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