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Kildare Youth Theatre's Oberon Workshop For Ages 11-13

Are you aged 11-13, or are you a parent with a kid aged 11-13? Kildare Youth Theatre's Oberon Workshop is an introductory drama and theatre workshop, every Monday from 7-9PM for this age group.

The Oberon group is a drop-in session where we devise, learn performance techniques, build teamwork, and explore issues that are relevant to this age group. Anyone can come along to the session provided they are aged between 11-13. Because it's a drop-in session, members can attend as often as they lik,a nd they do not have to show up every week.

The group devises drama based on their own themes and ideas. They also have the opportunity to take part in some of our productions in small roles. We strive to maintain an equal number of boys and girls in the group. Usually, young people may join at any time in the year.

Oberon runs from September to July, including on bank holidays and on mid-term breaks. There is a two-week break at Christmas and at Easter. All members must complete a membership registration form with their parents. Members MUST be 11 when applying due to insurance and other reasons.

For more information, contact us at info[at]crookedhouse[dot]ie.


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