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Meet Our 2021-22 Volunteer Team

Each year, Kildare Youth Theatre engages with volunteers across the continent, through the European Union's European Solidarity Corps programme. The ESC scheme helps young people to take part in projects that benefit communities, either abroad or in their own country.

Crooked House and Kildare Youth Theatre have participated in the programme for a number of years. Volunteers from all the corners of Europe who have experience in theatre or acting come to help us. They are funded by the EU, and help us to run workshops, projects and to help with directing and casting plays. Some volunteers also help to run our office and administrative duties.

They get to live in Newbridge for up to a year, and generally stay with us for the length of one of our seasons, from about September to the middle of the summer. This year, we have volunteers from Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Russia and Ukraine.

Pictured L-R: Peter Hussey (Artistic Director), Charlie Hughes (website technician), Oğuzhan Şahin, Vasilii Psarra, Daria Kozlova, Cansu Esra Genç, Narod Shahinian, Petro Rusanienko, Abdelmonem Nasr, and Özer Gökmen. Not pictured: Adam Abu Rok, Ayşe Güneş Tan, Emre Can Şahin and Nikita Belykh.


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