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  • Charlie Hughes

Occasional Lockdown Pieces: Stateless


This is the third in a short series of works produced by our volunteers during the COVID-19 lockdown, known as 'Occasional Lockdown Pieces'.

View the previous one, produced by our Greek volunteer Athina here.


Our third Occasional Lockdown Piece was produced by our Spanish volunteer Koldo.

Where are you living? Probably you have your house and that's where you live, but, isn't your home also where you live?

What happens when you are living far from the house you grew up in?

In this video, Koldo - one of our ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers - describes what's a house and what's a home whilst traveling from one house to another over 1200 kilometers apart. Based on his experience of moving from Spain to Ireland.

Highly personal, and featuring both first and third-person perspectives, Stateless is an exploration of what is a home and how do we relate to these spaces.

Koldo, from Logroño in Spain, is originally from one of our partner theatres, On&Off Teatro. He aims to bring a Spanish persepctive to Kildare Youth Theatre, participating in our Caliban workshop and the Echo Ensemble. More can be read on Koldo and the rest of the volunteers on our People page.

View the previous two Occasional Lockdown pieces on our Reading Room Blog or on the related posts section.


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