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Project Showcase: Ragaire


Across the next few days, we are showcasing the current large-scale projects which both Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House Theatre Company are undergoing.

This is the second post, and looks at Ragaire. To see the previous post, on Dréimire, click here.


'Ragaire' is an Irish word for a late-night rambler, someone who likes to have conversations well into the early hours of the night - a traveler and talker. This is exactly what we believe Kildare Youth Theatre members are. Those who stay up late, in the company of others, discussing and tackling problems both personal and global.

Ragaire is an upcoming Crooked House Theatre Company project, spearheaded by Kildare Youth Theatre, featuring our Senior Ensemble of young actors aged 19-25.

Ragaire will involve partnering up with Kinitiras of Greece, New Wolsey Theatre of England, Biondekbuhne of Austria, and On&Off Teatro of Spain, to produce politically-aimed theatre.

The creation of Ragaire lies in the inspiration and enthusiasm of our Senior Ensemble to learn from the ensemble theatre-making practice. The project aims to;

1) share the working methods of our Senior Ensemble with our European partners and vice versa

2) devise special pieces to be shared with one another together at a festival

3) attract politicians and other decision-makers to watch and engage with the work produced at a Ragaire festival

Ragaire aims to stand out from previous work produced, to create pieces which target and open a dialogue on issues that face European youth, and for the work produced to be directly shown to those in power in Europe as opposed to the local audiences we are used to. Some topics produced may surround identity, sexuality, social concerns, crime etc. - whatever the participants feel the need to address.

Ragaire is funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 Youth In Action scheme.

Read more about the project on our Ragaire page.


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