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The Merchant of Venice Public Screenings - 19/12 & 22/12/21

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Edited 18/12: Due to recent changes in COVID-19 restrcitions as outlined by the government, Wednesday's screening will commence at 5:30 instead of 6:30. Sunday's screening remains unchanged.

Kildare Youth Theatre is excited to announce two public screenings of our most recent Shakespeare Production, The Merchant of Venice.

Due to the complications surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our production is unique in that it was entirely recorded in film format alongside a number of live performances. It was recorded in the soearth studio in Kill, and features members across all our workshops, as well as a number of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers.

Limited to 15 people per event, two exclusive screenings of our production will be streamed in our Studio on Sunday 19th December at 6.30pm and on Wednesday 22nd December at 6.30pm.

The Merchant of Venice is directed by Peter Hussey, and features a strong cast of young people, led by Kim Morrison (Portia), Joe Brown (Bassanio), and Douglas Morrison (Antonio), with Oğuzhan Şahin and Luke O'Brien sharing the role of Shylock. They are supported by Lauren Giltrap, Clara Quinto, Athina Fragkou, Kashmala Aamir, Eoghan Kenna, Marcel Szameta, Oisín Fletcher-Newman, Nicole Reid, Sinéad Mooney, Tara Mooney, Marco Mazza, Iona Morrison, Megan Tuohey, Mia Devine, Louis Javaherian and Aidan Forde. Some of the cast are studying the play in Junior Cert, while others are in Senior Cycle. They are supported by members who are in university. It was recorded and edited by our videographer Alec Delaney. Sound was recorded by Cormac Dowdall.

The production is stage managed by Nikos Chatzakis, one of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Other ESC volunteers are Athina, Oğuzhan and Marco who are in the cast.

Sunday's performance features Athina as Jessica, Oguzhan as Shylock and Clara as Nerissa. Wednesday's performance features Kashmala as Jessica, Luke as Shylock and Lauren as Nerissa.

We are limited in numbers due to COVID-19 restricions, so please book a seat in advance by emailing us at We cannot and will not accept anyone who arrives on the day without a previous booking.

Each screening lasts 2:30 hours. Tea and mince pies will be provided. We request that you wear your mask for the entirety of the screening.

We are excited to have the opportunity to show our work and we hope to see you all there!

Any enquires regarding this production or the screening can be sent to

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