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  • Peter Hussey

The Museum of Local Happiness: Call for Participants for Kildare-based Project

Applicants aged 11 to 20 are invited for a new project from Crooked House with its flagship Kildare Youth Theatre programme.

The project brings together 6 international artists (from Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Palestine and Turkey) to work with 12 young people exploring the idea that public spaces which support individual and collective happiness are precious, and need to be preserved.

Participants will devise short performances and art-installations that share their relationship with particular public spaces (both outdoor and indoor, natural and artificial) in order to draw attention to their value, their rarity, and the need to preserve them.

The performances will most likely be staged during Newbridge's June Fest (dates to be decided by the group when it is established).

The artists are supported by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the EU.

To apply, please send an email to before the end of March 2022. We will be in touch after that.



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