Little Box Of Oblivion

June Fest 2018 16&17 of June A LITTLE BOX OF OBLIVION by Stephen Bean At 8:00pm. in Kildare Youth Theatre (kyt) 1, Lower Main St, Piercetown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, W12 KV29 A Little Box of Oblivion "What is in the box? That is the BIG question in this one act play. It is a lovely spring day we see very different people, who has have to come together to solve the mystery. It may lead to catastrophic consequences, if they do not find the answer in time!" A KYT production directed by Alexandra Sakavitsi Admission charge 5 euro

Youth Training Center Workshops

We, Vasiliki and Sandra, go to the Youth Center every Thursday from 13:30-15:30 to deliver drama workshops. These workshops end in June 2018. The structure of these workshop could loosely be defined in three parts: The first art are warm up exercises for the mind and the voice and the waking up of the body in general. The second part of the workshop is to introduce the learners to the meaning of theatre, to theatrical education through theatrical techniques. The third part introduces them to improvisation through theatrical techniques and they can also experience other aspects on stage or off stage too such as lighting or sound. The Aims of these workshops is to make them aware of their bod

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