The Room: more activities and ideas for workshops!

This day was a laughter session, we had so much fun! Crazy! 20 people were today in a group and it made it so diverse and full of interest to learn, explore and discover new things:) Newbridge Women community group joined us that day, so we planned as a session as a once-off but with an idea of inviting women to join after and stay for the whole programme. Here is what we came up with: We made a names game as during the first session ( for those who were there it’s great also from time to time to come back to what they ‘know’, they feel cool about it). Now they walk around the room and say hello to people, shaking their hands. One hand has to always be in contact! Makes you think about other

Our second community drama workshop

Welcome back to our blog about The Room: Community Drama. We were extremely excited to have more people joining our sessions that day and this is what we did! Activites: We like to have routines in our session and make people more and more familiar to them. One of those routines is a question ‘How are you today?’ That we ask before each session to get a feeling of how people feel about semselves that day. It is progibited though to use common answers as ‘fine’, ‘good’, etc. it has to be anything else instead. Creativity comes to a rescue and after few times, people start saying things like ‘I feel like spagetty that was cooked and left on the olate and hasn’t been eaten since yesterday’. Wow

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