Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog! This one's gonna be about Halloween and the merits of dressing up...

Developing Creative Partnerships in Europe

Everything is so well organised in the sedate, leafy suburb of Berlin where our Training Course – Step into Strategic Partnership – was located. Here, the public infrastructure is easy to navigate and the people are friendly. The regular and prompt U-bahn brought me to within 200 metres of the Hotel de France, a post-war cultural centre for German-French co-operation. The centre seems all glass and metal windows, large doors and spacious walking areas, in an open garden full of oaks, beech trees and squirrels, through which commuters walk and cycle daily. There is a community garden project at the end of the street (over which low-flying aircraft pass into nearby Tegel airport), and a clever

My first month as a volunteer

Hi everyone, I'm Anna (23 years old from Denmark) and I will be volunteering at Crooked House Theatre over the next six months. In Denmark I've been involved with theatre productions since early childhood, and have worked backstage professionally during the last 6 years. As such, my main experience in the world of theatre has been practical, and I cannot wait to get a lot more creative while discovering life in Ireland. I arrived in Newbridge a month ago today; got picked up in the airport by the brilliant Peter Hussey, - very excited about my new life here! Over the last year I've been working hard to make this adventure happen, so I was truly grateful that everything panned out, and to hav

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