TeeNEXTers 2017

TeeNEXTers is an Erasmus+ education project organised by Theatre le Grand Bleu in Lille, France. It runs alongside the international festival called NEXT Arts Festival (http://www.nextfestival.eu/en). During TeeNEXTers from 20th to 26th November, groups of young people from Ireland, Belgium, France, Scotland and Norway meet and view selected shows from the NEXT Festival. They then make creative and critical responses to the shows, using a variety of media including devising, filming and graphic-novel drawing. The aim of the project is to help young people develop their critical facilities, so that they can edit and coherently express educated views about works of art. They are taught how to

Words of Advice to Directors from Young People

In May 2017 we asked members of our youth theatre to reflect on tips they’d give, based on what they themselves most enjoyed and found most helpful, to any young group starting out with Shakespeare. Things to get right if you want to do Shakespeare with young people. What would you list? Charlie (17): Distinguish between thoughts: Shakespeare is just as varied as modern speech - and like modern day humans, thoughts vary wildly and without notice, and this needs to be drilled into an actor's head The iambic pentameter: Needless to say this should be thought on day one. Research: More research is needed than your average vanilla modern day script, words need to be explained, phrases need to be

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