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Auditions for Upcoming 2022 Connections Festival - Like There's No Tomorrow

Every year, Kildare Youth Theatre performs in the National Theatre's Connections Festival, which brings together youth theatres from all across the UK and Ireland, who choose one of ten specially-commissioned plays to perform. This year marks our 37th Connections performance.

Kildare Youth Theatre is excited to announce that for the 2022 Connections Festival we will be performing Like There's No Tomorrow created by the Belgrade Young Company with Justine Themen, Claire Procter and Liz Mytton. It's a darkly comic play about climate change, wasting our Earth's resources and the effect of capitalism on this problem.

Like There’s No Tomorrow is about climate change. It is set in an imagined city now where the people are choking on the fumes from cars and the factories. The industrial items are produced by the people who are committed to mass consumerism and mass consumption. They vote for more and more cheap clothes, cheap travel, and disposable goods in a short-lived life. It seems only one or two people can see through this non-sustainable madness, but when they open their mouths to speak out, they cannot be heard as their words are strangled in their throats (because they choke on the poisonous fumes they are forced to inhale). Besides, no one can hear them above the cacophony created by the wheels of the global economy grinding against each other.

Even when the evidence of imminent climate disaster across the globe is staring them in the face (the world literally is cracking before their very eyes) no one wants to listen, they just want to carry on consuming, like they have always done and always will do. Can anything be done to save us?


Auditions for the play will take place from 7pm-9pm at the Kildare Youth Theatre Studio on Saturday the 16th of October.

Like There's No Tomorrow features a cast of eight plus a large number of smaller ensemble and chorus roles.

Anyone aged between 12-19 can Audition. At the audition, there will be a workshop based on the play and will focus on the selected pages. During the workshop we will divide participants into small groups and give you 10 to 15 minutes to go off and work on the selected text. We will then invite your group to stage the piece (you do not need to know the lines though it may help) for everyone else. We can then discuss the play and what we think about it, what characters we like and why, and what ideas people might have for staging it.

Rehearsals will be on Sundays from 4.30pm to 6.45pm for those who are cast. You will not need ot attend every rehearsal.

The show will be staged over a weekend in March (probably at the end of March) in Riverbank Arts Centre along with other NT Connections shows from youth theatres in Kildare. This will be a local NT Connections festival. A director from the UK National Theatre in London will attend and give supportive feedback to the cast and crew after the performance.

Then the play will transfer to The Lyric Theatre in Belfast over the weekend of 29th April to 1st May. You will need to keep this weekend free.

Finally, there are roles for anyone who would like to be in the crew: helping with sound, stage-management, lighting, costume and props, etc.

If you are interested in this project please email as soon as possible.

Read more about the Connections Festival on our Workshops page.



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