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'Oikos' Short Film Workshop

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

As part of our recent Oikos project in Athens, Greece we are excited to display some of the work we produced during the week.

An Erasmus+ funded Crooked House Theatre Company project, Oikos involved a wide array of unique and exciting workshops. In the first weekend of the project, the 31 Greek and Irish participants had an opportunity to try out four different workshops in four separate groups. These workshops included a detailed look at an excerpt from the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus, a high-energy Burlesque dance workshop, an introductory look at Kung Fu by a Shaolin Master, and a Screen Dance workshop.

This Screen Dance workshop, led by Greek filmmaker and dancer Chrysanthi Badeka, was a two hour session where participants were given that amount of time to produce a short dance sequence and stage it for a camera.

Across the weekend, four completely different pieces were produced by the groups, ranging from comical to serious. Each group were told to divide themselves amongst roles as dancers, a director, producer and cameraman. They were given only two objectives, the piece must be less than 90 seconds, and must be on the theme of 'opposition'.

Watch what was produced below:


2: (α) touched

3: Concrete Jungle

4: Ahtarmas



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