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  • Charlie Hughes

Our 2021 Archive Is Now Live

2021 saw Kildare Youth Theatre, and our parent Crooked House Theatre Company, bounce back from the shutdown we faced from COVID-19 back in 2020. During the year we performed an almost record number of productions, both modern and classical, which featured both our newest and most experienced members of all ages. From Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, to Miriam Battye's Find a Partner! 2021 saw a diverse and exciting number of productions.

In 2021 we also travelled. The year saw some of our members travel to Greece, twice, as well as Sweden, Austria and England. People also travelled to us - 2021 saw one of our biggest projects ever, the two year in the making Ragaire project, where young actors from Spain, Austria, and Greece came to Dublin for a week to produce work as part of a project we led. It also saw one of our most popular works ever produced, our video project If You're Seeing This, which has been viewed almost 4000 times.

Already missing 2021? Did you know that we keep an archive of all the work Kildare Youth Theatre has achieved since our inception in 1996? We have detailed descriptions, images and reviews of our works dating as far back as 2007, and we are continuing to extend that as far back as our first year.

If you want to see what we got up to in 2021, check out our 2021 archive.

Alternatively, check out our Past Projects Archive, which is constantly updated.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made 2021 a great year of theatre and creativity!



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