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Project Showcase: Hestia

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Over the last while we have been showcasing the current large-scale projects which both Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House Theatre Company are undergoing.

The previous showcase looked at Ragaire and can be viewed here.


'Hestia: Belonging Through Community Theatre' is an upcoming, long-term Erasmus+ funded project, which aims to encourage the exchange of good practices across European theatre based on the concept of Community Theatre as a tool for social inclusion in youth work.

Kildare Youth Theatre, under Crooked House Theatre Company, will work with Pirineus Creatius of Spain and Creative YouthLand of Greece for 20 months, sharing areas of expertise with one another and subsequently promoting the nourishment of acting skills and styles across the young actors in the three participating theatre companies. Kildare Youth Theare will teach Devising Theatre, Pirineus Creatius will teach Community Theatre and Creative YouthLand will teach Physical Theatre.

Hestia will involve study visits in each partner country focusing on the different expertise of each organisation, a core youth exchange, and a subsequent training course.

The project aims to benefit both theatre facilitators and more widely in the general youth sector, as well as young people aged 15-18 who will be directly involved in the Hestia project. It is hoped the latter will learn the values of social inclusion, collaborative decision-making and intercultural communication.

Hestia: Belonging Through Community Theatre's associated youth exchange has not yet begun.

Read more about the project, including updates as the youth exchange comes closer, here.



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