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  • Peter Hussey

Ragaire Festival Performances Commence TODAY

The Ragaire project has been a long-term Erasmus+ funded project which commenced in 2019. The Ragaire project aims to educate the ensembles on using theatre as a tool for social change. Over the last two years, Beyond Buhne from Austria, Kinitiras from Greece, ON&Off from Spain and Crooked House have been producing a play which is to be performed to an audience of policy makers and of which critiques or comments on a number of varied social issues.

The Ragaire project has been primarily organised by Crooked House Theatre company. For the last week, the participants have been in Dublin for the Ragaire Festival.

Performances for the Ragaire project begin today and are a culmination of the work achieved by these ensembles during the Ragaire process. The Irish team performs tonight at 7:00PM.

All performances take place in Dublin's historic Smock Alley Theatre on the Quays. Tickets can be purchased here:



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