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  • Charlie Hughes

Reflecting on the 'Inspire' Project

Over this summer, Crooked House and members of Kildare Youth Theatre were on the Greek island of Syros, as part of the 'Inspire' project.

Set in Syros' main town, Ermoupolis, the Inspire project was a training programme for those of us who wish to transition from being 'led' to 'leading' in projects using theatre methods.

As part of our evaluation of the project, our ESC volunteer Özer wrote a report on the project, which we invite you to read. Featuring images taken from the project, and quotes from its participants, this report offers an insight into how we work on the projects we lead as well as how we collaborate with our internaitonal partners.

You can read our report here.

Alternatively, you can read more about the Inspire project here.

Read about our European Soldiarity Corps (ESC) volunteers here.


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