Welcome to our new volunteers

We are delighted to welcome to Crooked House four volunteers who come from Europe. They are supported by a variety of programmes to spend from six months to a year volunteering with Kildare Youth Theatre and other projects run by Crooked House. The first to arrive is Magdalena Gerlich from Austria. Magdalena, or Leni, is part of Austria's largest youth theatre, BiondekBühne (http://www.biondekbuehne.at) in Baden. We've had several collaborations with BiondekBühne over the years, including an exchange of young theatre makers last summer in Lower Austria for two weeks, and a Training Course for drama facilitators in Valencia last February. Leni has already built strong friendships with Irish y

A machine for generating happiness

Some years ago I realised that the profile and personality of our youth theatre members had changed significantly over the past decade. Instead of attracting the eccentric young person, the one who was ‘born to perform’, or the generally extroverted boy or girl, we were now seeing greater numbers of shy people turning up who were quiet, withdrawn and hesitant about engaging with the work of a youth theatre. They were people who were dealing with stress and wanted to find an escape, an oasis, where they could ‘breathe a little’. It has become clear to us in Kildare Youth Theatre that our members are dealing with a low-level stress that is fairly constant and debilitating. If anger was the ene

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