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'A New Life in Ireland' - A compilation of life in Ireland by Turkish ESC Volunteer Cansu Genç

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Cansu Genç is one of our European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteers, from Turkey. She arrived in Ireland in late December 2021. The video below is a joyous and personal showcase of her time so far in Ireland. To read more about our ESC programme and what Cansu will do here whilst in Ireland, click here.

This video serves as the second in a series of pieces produced by our current ESC Volunteers on their time in Ireland so far and what Ireland has meant to them. To view the first one, a written reflection by fellow Turkish volunteer Özer Gökmen, click here.

A New Life in Ireland, produced and edited by one of our Turkish European Solidarity Corps volunteers Cansu Genç, is a video as part of a wider series of works by our current 2021-2022 season of volunteers.

Our volunteers, who for the most part arrived in late December, were asked to reflect upon their time in Ireland so far. They were given full artistic reign i.e. they had the chance to produce any message through a style of their choice.

In this instance, Cansu chose to produce a video. Featuring footage and photos recorded by her or featuring her, A New Life in Ireland offers a glimpse into the lives of our volunteers in Ireland. During their time here, the volunteers have had a chance to experience Newbridge and Kildare Youth Theatre, as well as travel all across Ireland alongside Peter Hussey.


If you are touched by this video or would like to know more about our volunteers, they can be contacted via volunteers[at]crookedhouse[dot]ie.

To read more about our European Solidarity Corps, view the 2022-2023 season page here.


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