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  • Charlie Hughes

Occasional Lockdown Pieces: I Am Never Merry When I Hear Sweet Music


This is the fourth in a short series of works produced by our volunteers during the COVID-19 lockdown, known as 'Occasional Lockdown Pieces'.

View the previous one, produced by our Spanish volunteer Koldo here.


I Am Never Merry When I Hear Sweet Music is a short film produced by our Greek volunteers Athina and Nikos.

Inspired by the line spoken by Jessica in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Athina and Nikos created a visual representation of the chronicles of a young relationship. From the first touch to the last, and the switching between dimensions of reality and the subconscious, this short exploratory movement piece covers it all.

The Merchant of Venice is our chosen Shakespeare performance for this 2020-21 season and features the participation of both Athina and Nikos.

Athina and Nikos are both trained actors from Athens, Greece and working with us through the European Solidarity Corps programme. More can be read about them, and all our volunteers, on our Current People page.


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