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Project Showcase: Digital Drama Workshops


Over the last while we have been showcasing the current large-scale projects which both Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House Theatre Company are undergoing.

The previous showcase looked at Hestia and can be viewed here.


'Digital Drama Workshops' is an upcoming, long-term Erasmus+ funded project, which aims to offer theatre makers skills and materials to conduct their work online during times when they cannot meet.

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, many youth theatres have closed due to social restrictions. Youth theatre is considered a highly interactive activity, needing an in-person presence and live involvement. It involves physical, emotional and embodied practice to be most effective. And thus it, and other theatre activities, were among the first sectors to close across the world. Since stopping their practice, young theatre makers have not had the chance to develop their skills collaboratively, and cultural youth workers in this sector have been out of work for months as employment is precarious and depends on having access to a group to happen.

Digital Drama Workshops will involve the creation and distribution of 30 two-hour drama sessions, or workshops, that can be carried out online. A further 10 two-hour sessions will be created for in-person socially distanced work. The project will create and upload 10 videos about collaborating online, and contextualising youth theatre in the youth work realm. The work produced will also culminate in a free resource booklet called 'Digital Drama Workshops'.

The project will involve the participation of up to 70 young actors and drama facilitators. Digital Drama Workshops will involve Kildare Youth Theatre, under Crooked House Theatre Company, as well as Rogaland Theatre of Norway, Biondekbühne of Austria, and Pirineus Creatius of Spain.

Digital Drama Workshops operates under a long-term KA2 Erasmus+ project under the "cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices" and is expected to last from March of this year until February 2023.

To read more on Digital Drama Workshops, and to keep up with updates, visit the Digital Drama Workshop project page.



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