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  • Charlie Hughes

Project Showcase: Proposed Cultural Centre for Young People


Over the last while we have been showcasing the current large-scale projects which both Kildare Youth Theatre and Crooked House Theatre Company are undergoing.

The previous showcase looked at Digital Drama Workshops and can be viewed here.


Crooked House, in 2018, received funding from County Kildare Leader Partnership to conduct a research study in Newbridge, assessing the need and potential for a centre for young people. This centre would be a place where young people can make theatre, music, film and art, and also where they can learn, be creative, and start small enterprises. It would be a multi-purpose centre, ideally shared by a number of organisations who work directly with young people.

It will aim to have an alcohol-free nightclub, a band rehearsal and gig space, and rooms for workshops, meetings, and art spaces.

We partnered up with Communiqué International to help us facilitate this study.

Research is still underway as to the feasibility of and potential locations of the centre.

Any feedback, comments, or suggestions are warmly welcomed at: newbridgecentre4youngpeople[at]gmail[dot]com.

View the main project page for the proposed centre here.



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